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19 ; Female ; Newport Rhode Island ; Taken , tattoo addict . i hunt and fish add me on Instagram @katie_mcclancy && add me on snapchat @kailtynmcclancy


when u say something and it comes out meaner than u intended

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When you start a relationship with a country boy, you also start a relationship with his family, his buddies, and his truck. Make no mistake, one does not come without the others.

Can confirm.

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be a pal and like people’s text posts. reblog their selfies. respond to their questions. even if you don’t know the answer and even if you’ve never really talked to them before. there’s nothing worse that feeling alone on a website where everyone promotes love and friendship.

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Sex is a lot like science class, you experiment, wear lab coats, Bill Nye is there.

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pls →
  • ♂ = I am a boy who has a crush on you
  • ♀ = I am a girl who has a crush on you
  • () = I am a non binary person who has a crush on you
  • * = just delete your tumblr already
  • æ = Post a picture of yourself
  • $ = You’re awesome
  • # = I love your blog
  • @ = You’re beautiful
  • + = i hate you.
  • %…

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